Parents Communication

DAIS believes that a successful school is the result of building a strong communication network. Our goal is to create a school that emphasizes a partnership between school and family, providing an environment of openness, responsiveness and communication. It is an environment that places the child’s well being at the center. Communication between parents, teachers and administrators is vital for our students’ success. Therefore, we have systems in place to ensure that parents are regularly informed of their child’s growth and success.

Communication Strategies

Please note:  all forms of school communication will be developed and dependent on meeting the health and safety guidelines as determined by Egyptian Ministry of Health.

Our home/school communication strategies include:

  • A parent program presentation in the fall.
  • Parent/teacher conference.Regular parent/teacher conference days to be held on:
    1. Sundays for High School
    2. Tuesdays for Early Years (KG, 1,2)
    3. Wednesdays for DSDC & Middle School
    4. Thursdays for Elementary
  • DAIS newsletters
  • Invitations to plays, presentations and performances
  • Report cards to be distributed each term
  • Letters and calendars outlining school activities and events
  • Renweb system to post grades and lesson plans for parents and students to access
  • Internal Contacts for Dover parents
Department Number
Early Years
Elementary School
Middle School
High School
Front Desk
Students Affairs
DSDC (Dover Student Development Center)
School Conferences

Formal parent/teacher conferences are held. Information on formal conferences is sent home prior to the conference dates. Outside of those formal times, requests for individual teacher conferences must be scheduled at least two days in advance through the stage supervisor.