Special Education Academics

Special Education Overview  

Dover American International School welcomes all children to our school. Students who possess behavioral, communication, intellectual or physical disabilities may require special education programs/and or services to benefit fully from their school experience. To this end, Dover has established Dover Student Development Center (DSDC). We service children that have a wide spectrum of learning needs that include autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, cerebral palsy, specific learning disabilities, Down Syndrome and Asperger Syndrome. Students are served by providing a cascade of services. The application of an inclusive classroom model is the primary approach used throughout the school. Depending on needs, students who require individualized or specialized services may find support in the classroom or in a specialized resource area of the school. Most students are supported by a specially trained support teacher. These specialized staff members work closely with the classroom teachers to ensure each student’s goals are being addressed. Diversity is an integral component of the DAIS program; our students appreciate and support each other. A DSDC Advisory Committee has been established to offer input into this special service. This non-profit organization has a strong commitment to working together to develop an effective educational model that benefits not only our special needs population, but all of our students.

DSDC Educational Plans and Therapy 

DSDC employs therapists in the area of speech and language, occupational therapy, psychology and behavior programming. Therapy is an integral component of the school day for our Center students. Our school values the ability to respond to student needs to ensure that each child develops to his/her maximum potential.