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Dover American International School recognizes the educational value of students and staff utilizing electronic communications systems. These systems enhance learning through the responsible access to global information and communication. We believe that the internet offers vast, diverse and unique resources that can aid in the provision of educational excellence.

Dover American International School has now a subscription to INFOBASE. We are encouraging parents, students and staff to take advantage of these online resources. Below, you will find subscription details for each of these very useful resource based items. By ‘clicking’ on the resource link noted below. You will find the access URL(s), username, password, and administrative access information on Parents renweb

Infobase is one of America’s leading providers of supplemental educational materials to the school and library markets. Founded in 1940, our company has a long history of publishing award-winning and highly acclaimed resources for K–12 schools, academic institutions, and public libraries. We take pride in creating products that engage, enhance, and enrich the learning experience of students at all levels. And while we still publish individual print and video titles, we now embrace the efficiency and expediency of digital formats in the form of online databases, eLearning Modules, eBook collections, and streaming video collections.

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