Certification & Accreditation


Accreditation is an important element for all international schools. The accreditation process uses an outside body who measures the school against a number of quality standards. The process is rigorous and demands a high level of professional response. It should be noted that being certified after the accreditation process does not happen automatically after engaging an agency. To become a recognized accredited school, the school must meet the stipulated expected standards of performance. The process provides the educational community feedback that validates good work and provides suggestions for areas of improvement. Engaging in the accreditation process ensures a measured quality of service is being provided by the school and as such provides a level of trust to the community.  The accreditation process is not static. High standards can only be achieved by the school embracing a belief of continuous improvement. Maintaining levels of excellence in the classroom demands an organizational mind-set that teaching and learning is a dynamic process. As a result, student success is addressed when teaching and learning acknowledges research based practices. To ensure DIS is constantly improving and providing a standard of excellence, we measure our performance through the feedback received from two accreditation agencies.


Dover International School was initially accredited on April 19th, 2011, by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA, CASI, AdvancED). The School is regularly monitored by the accreditation agency and receives a full review every five years. Institutions seeking to gain or retain accreditation by Cognia, previously AdvancED, must meet Cognia standards. These standards focus on systems within a school and systematic methods of attaining high student performance and organizational effectiveness. The standards address preparing students with skills they will need for the future and include high expectations for professional practice. The standards require demonstrated growth in student learning and achievement; a commitment to developing learning, thinking and life skills for all students; and utilizing formal structures to assess and further develop the proficiency of each student. Cognia is a world leader in accreditation and school improvement, working with over 32,000 institutions in more than seventy countries serving twenty million students. In 2021, DIS received its latest full review resulting in the school being recognized as one of fifty – three schools internationally as a school of excellence. In addition, DIS was only 1 of 6 receiving this recognition in the Middle East. DIS was recognized for five powerful practices in the following areas: special needs, facility, use of data in school improvement practices, family engagement, and school culture. We encourage you to visit the Cognia website where you may access our school’s profile.

Middle State Association of Colleges and Schools

DIS is committed to providing the highest possible standards to the community it serves. As a result, through 2021-2022 the school achieved a second accreditation through MSA. MSA has been operating for one-hundred and thirty years assisting universities, colleges, and schools to maintain levels of academic excellence. Examples of the post -secondary institutes that are accredited through MSA include Columbia University, Cornell University, Johns Hopkins University, Kings College, New York City College, University of Pittsburgh, American University of Paris and American University of Cairo. The MSA accreditation process is all inclusive. Not only does the school have to demonstrate high academic standards but there is also a laser focus on the working environment that supports these standards. Community involvement, safety standards, facilities, human resources, financial management, and long-range school plans are examples of some of the supporting variables examined during the MSA accreditation process. After a year of candidacy status, the school receives a visiting team to evaluate if the school had reached appropriate levels of performance to be designated an accredited school. After a number of submitted written reports have been examined along with extensive interviews with students, parents and staff, a representative MSA team member makes a decision. This decision may include the school continues working on specific areas of improvement before achieving accreditation or they are granted accreditation status. In June of 2022, DIS was very proud to announce that they had achieved a seven-year accreditation from MSA.

Ministry of Education

DIS offers its students Arabic, Arabic Social Studies and Religion courses of study that are mandated by the Egyptian Ministry of Education. Arabic and the Religion programs of study begin in KG 1 and are delivered as a course of study until grade 12. The Arabic Social Studies program begins in grade 4 and extends until grade 10. Grade 11 students move to a program that focuses on Citizenship and Human Rights. The grade 12 curriculum examines National Education. All courses follow Ministry of Education curriculum guidelines and prepare students for national exams given in grade 9 and grade 12. Some students may be exempted from taking these Ministry of Education programs. Exemptions must be investigated through the school administration.

British System – Certifications

In September 2022, DIS commenced providing the British System of Education and succeeded in attaining the approval by three international certification bodies,   Cambridge, Oxford AQA, and Pearson Edexcel, that enable international students to obtain the British International Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE). DIS has been granted approval by all three bodies to offer their course of study and assessments to students enrolled in our British program.

Cambridge International Assessment
Cambridge International Assessments is a leading accreditation body that is wholly owned by a world-leading university, the University of Cambridge. The university works with 160 countries across 9 regions and supports more than 10,000 schools that are part of the Cambridge learning community,

Cambridge International Assessments offers a range of qualifications and assessments that are fair, valid, and reliable to schools around the world from primary through secondary.

Cambridge qualifications are recognized by the world’s best universities and employers. Cambridge aims to prepare students for life, help them develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning, through an offering of a wide range of qualifications. This includes academic qualifications such as Cambridge International A-levels, Cambridge IGCSEs, and Cambridge International AS-levels. These qualifications are designed to meet the needs of a range of students, from those who want to pursue higher education to those who want to enter the workforce directly.


Pearson Edexcel
Pearson Edexcel is a leading UK-based accreditation body that provides internationally recognized qualifications and assessments to schools, colleges, and universities worldwide. Known for their rigorous standards and comprehensive assessments. Composed of a diverse range of 21 subjects and delivered in a modular structure, students develop the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in today’s global economy.

Pearson Edexcel offers International GCSEs, which are specifically designed for students outside of the UK. These qualifications are recognized by universities and employers around the world, which can provide students with a competitive advantage when applying for higher education or seeking employment

Oxford AQA

Oxford AQA is an internationally recognized accreditation body that offers high-quality qualifications and assessments to schools, colleges, and universities around the world. As a joint venture between Oxford University Press and AQA, the UK’s largest provider of academic qualifications, Oxford AQA combines the academic expertise of Oxford University with the assessment expertise of AQA to provide world-class qualifications and assessments.

Oxford AQA qualifications and assessments are based on the latest research and best practices in education, and are recognized by universities and employers worldwide.

DIS application of Oxford AQA helps in providing a world-class education to our students. They offer a comprehensive range of qualifications and assessments, coupled with their commitment to supporting educators. Their program embraces innovation and excellence making them an ideal support for schools seeking quality education for the community they serves

University Partnerships

At DIS we believe in establishing partnerships that provide opportunities that will support student success. There are three goals for DIS university partnerships. First is to deliver programs at DIS that will increase our students being successful in their first year of university. Second we want to create tuition discount agreements, that will benefit our families. The last goal is to establish professional development opportunities for DIS staff.

Sir Wilfrid Laurier University – Waterloo, Ontario, Canada – Professional Development
DIS embraces partnerships that support our commitment to continuous improvement.  Our teachers are expected to maintain and regularly update personal professional growth profiles concerning their classroom practices. All teacher evaluations are devoted to improving the teaching / learning process. This is supported through a strong partnership that DIS shares with Sir Wilfrid Laurier University, Faculty of Education in Ontario, Canada. Annual onsite professional training is provided to our teaching staff by visiting professors from the university. The focus of this training is dynamic and is based on identified areas of growth. As part of this reciprocal relationship, the school hosts Canadian teachers in training. These young aspiring Canadian teachers are linked with DIS staff and become immersed in learning about international teaching in Cairo, Egypt. The exchange has been a rich experience for our staff and more importantly, the results have strengthened the teaching and learning experience for our students.

British University in Egypt – Program Alignment and Tuition Discount Agreement
Since 2012, DIS is proud to note that our graduates have continued their studies in universities and colleges in Egypt and around the world. BUE in particular has been a destination of choice for a number of graduates, with thirty of our students choosing to enter the BUE Engineering program. DIS goal is to provide the strongest program possible for student success. With this in mind, DIS math and science departments have had meetings with BUE’s professors for the purpose of creating an improved alignment of DIS program and the expectations of first year Engineering. These meetings have led to improved curriculum delivery in both grade 11 and grade 12 for our students. Tuition discount agreements have also been reached and families are asked to contact DIS administrative staff for details.

Universities of Canada in Egypt – Program Alignment and Tuition Discount Agreement
Beginning in 2021, several DIS graduates have chosen to enter specific UOC programs concerning computer programing and journalism. To ensure the transition from grade 12 to these programs is as seamless as possible, DIS has met with faculty members associated with the English, math and science departments. The purpose of these meetings is to increase program alignment that will ensure students have the tools to be successful in their first year of university. Tuition discount agreements have also been reached and families are asked to contact DIS administrative staff for details.

University of Hertfordshire – Tuition Discount Agreement
Concerning tuition discount agreements, families are asked to contact DIS administrative staff.


European Universities in Egypt – Tuition Discount Agreement
Concerning tuition discount agreements, families are asked to contact DIS administrative staff.