Middle School Academics


Our curriculum is developed through collaborative planning and is based on the Common Core State Standards as well as the Virginia State Standards and the Ministry of Education (Egypt) curricula. The school has an established curriculum review, development and implementation cycle. Curriculum maps are developed with corresponding unit plans. Alignment is found in the maps, unit plans, lesson plans as well as the assessments. Staff track progress and alter planning as demonstrated by student need. Time is provided for grade meetings as well as subject specific meetings with coordinators. Rigor is valued as evident in the common usage of Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning Needs in each division. Topics and instructional strategies strive for maximum student engagement in the learning process. Project based learning as well as cooperative learning permit individual students to investigate in depth related and relevant topics of interest. Our goal is to help students to see connections and relationships alongside the acquisition of important basic skills. The aim is for its students to become confident performers, presenters and public speakers and work cooperatively and collaboratively. Students are taught to acknowledge their peers’ points of view and respond in an open minded manner. Students from grades three to nine participate in the MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) assessment twice a year. The scores are gathered and compared to both the African and International benchmarks. Data from this testing informs the implementation of classroom and individual strategies to address identified student learning gaps and needs.


All students are expected to carry a full program of studies. The courses in Middle School are English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language, Arabic, Computer, Physical Education, Religion, Arabic Social Studies, Art and Music. You can find our supply list for middle school through this link. ( Middle School Supply List )


The school year is divided into two semesters. Each semester is divided into two terms. At the close of each term, students receive a report card indicating the grades earned in each class. Absences, if any, are recorded on their report card which reflects attendance. (Please Check our School Handbook for more information: Student Handbook)