Purpose & Direction

Established in Cairo for over 7 years, Dover American International School in Egypt (DAIS) was inaugurated in 2010. In partnership with the school community, our intent is to provide eligible students, primarily from the Middle East and living in the Greater Cairo area, with a rigorous and challenging American and international preparatory education. Our school has developed a very conducive learning environment that is founded on respect, responsibility and results. During every step of our students’ academic journey, we strive to provide the finest American educational instruction while cultivating a passion for learning, a capacity for critical thinking and a sense of civic responsibility.Our curriculum follows American Common Core national standards and is designed to prepare students for entry into highly competitive universities. Inquiry and problem solving approaches to curriculum implementation are utilized. It is our belief that active learners need to develop critical thinking skills to have ongoing success. Life is rapidly evolving. Our students will graduate with the vision, knowledge and skills to lead and succeed in their ever changing worldOur challenging academic program also provides many opportunities outside of the classroom. Students at all levels participate in extra-curricular activities. In addition to a number of sports, sample activities include Student Council, peer tutoring and Model United Nations (MUN). Our program embraces the fine arts and music. Both are profiled in our annual shows, art exhibits and choirs. We aim to educate the whole child. A tradition of educational excellence drives our future.


We recognize that younger generations are growing up in a rapidly evolving world. Our students must be prepared to engage challenges that extend beyond their dreams. Rapid change is inherent in our advancing society. The Dover program focuses on interdisciplinary study that encourages inquiry, collaboration academic achievement and independent thinking. Our teachers strive to create a secure learning environment, one that inspires exploration, creativity, curiosity and confidence to flourish.   Analysis, integration and application of knowledge are critical aspects of our curriculum delivery. Along with academic achievement, we emphasize the importance of development of character, leadership and service. Our faculty and school community are dedicated to helping our students achieve and meet new challenges. It is our goal to educate all of our students so they will experience success in this changing world.


By offering an interdisciplinary curriculum that stimulates inquiry, academic achievement and independent thinking. Our students embrace collaboration, diversity, and integrity. Thus, they are prepared for the challenges of an ever changing world.



Profile of a DAIS Graduate

Dover American International School believes that earning a diploma should be beyond earning GPA scores.  Skills for the 21st century such as critical thinking, creative and flexible thinking, communication, collaboration and citizenship are now essential for success in a changing world. Society today is very dynamic and is driving the need for education to be constantly revitalizing itself. We have experienced an information explosion that has revolutionized the world.  We currently live in a global, knowledge-based economy that emphasizes ideas and innovations. We also face complex political, scientific, health and environmental challenges that need to be addressed. These societal changes and challenges impact how we define student readiness for the future.

The following outlines the knowledge, skills, experiences and traits that DAIS students must acquire to be successful in an economic, social and physical environment characterized by rapid change. 


Our graduates:

  • Possess cognitive flexibility and be able to apply academic and technical knowledge in a rapidly changing world;
  • Apply critical thinking skills to creatively solve new problems and anticipate future needs;
  • Adapt to changing circumstances and learn new skills as circumstances demand;
  • Build connections, value interactions and communicate with others as a responsible global citizen;
  • Have the determination and resilience to face challenges personally and professionally;
  • Advocate tolerance and respect for all
  • Possess moral character and ethics